Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brownie Batch Number Six

One of my Favorites....

Cookie Brownies

This recipe allows for many alterations of your own.
This could possibly be the easiest party treat ever.
So if your in a pinch and you need a fast treat for a get together or just a snack.....
then this is the best thing for you :)

Level: Simplest.

Basically the only thing you need is a package of your favorite brownie mix and a package of your favorite cookie mix :)
This allows for many different kinds of treats........

Lets say we're just making a traditional fudge brownie and chocolate chip cookie mixture.

Make the brownies as directed on the package and spread evenly throughout a 9x13 inch pan.

Then proceed to make the cookies as directed and plop large*** portions of the batter throughout the pan of brownie mix......

The final result should appear as 6-8 large**** cookies amidst the pan of brownie mix......

Bake the brownies as directed on their box and watch the cookies carefully as the time winds down.

The cookies should finish golden brown and the brownies warm and gooey yet still cooked throughly :)

What can I say.....the best of both worlds with this dish :)