Thursday, October 30, 2008

Savory Soapy Sweet Tooth!

If you haven't heard of Bath & Body's line of Temptations Products- you better throw on your parka and go try it !--- The line includes many fabulous scents of 3-in-1 Body Products....
Bubble Bath, Body Wash and Shampoo-- many of the scents are seasonal like my favorites Pumpkin Pie Paradise and Simply Devine Cherry Pie !
These are truly Heaven on Earth-- I've had many compliments in the dorm bathrooms !!!
People can smell them for miles, and the thing is, they really smell like baking Cherry and Pumpkin pie, its devine :)
The soaps work up such a nice lather and leaves you in a silky creamy like state :)
And the best thing is it's Shampoo and Body Wash-- so you won't have fighting scents-- just delicious scents all around :)

You can find them at Bath and Body in store
or online at Limited Times:)
For $12.00...
Other Scrumptious Scents:
Twisted PepperMint
Sassy Strawberry Mint
Pecan Passion
Forever Frosting
Hello Sugar (*NEW) and Fabulous
Spiced Apple
Sugar & Spice
Perfect Peach
ICED TEA TWIST-- one of my favorites !!! <3 smells EXactly like Iced Tea and Lemon :)
Sunset Mango
Pomegranate Martini
Island Coconut
Glittery Gumdrop
Melon Cooler
Beyond Berry
Frozen Daqari
Vanilla Ice Cream <3
Banana Smoothie
Cinnamon Bun Heaven
and more........<3

Happy Bathing
MissSweetTreats <3