Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just call me Miss Sweet Treats <3

Hey Hey Miss Sweet Treats Here !
This is my second blog dedicated completely to my love and devotion for sweets and baking!!!
I'm a wholesome country girl and I grew up following my mom around the kitchen...
Italian flows through my blood and with that means great cooking, passion and love in EVERY dish...this is what I bake by--- I love every minute I spend in the kitchen....

My ideal day would be baking cookies and cakes and throwing a party with all my goodies...My favorite time of year is Fall--- the absolute best baking occurs when fall starts !!!!
That warm comfortable familiar smell of warm apple pie, spices and caramel this is always present in my house and its the greatest comfort to me :)
And after fall comes Christmas and Christmas in my house means about 2 dozen plus types of cookies and treats ! :)
My blogger job is to provide you with insite and stories on my life growing up in such a wonderful kitchen-- give you heads up on amazing recipes- kitchen tricks-- fun things to create for the holidays-- great restaurants--- and even kitchen decor !

I'm so excited to start sharing my secrets and recipes with you
So let's get started !!!
Don't ever forget to Lick the Spatuala <3