Monday, December 1, 2008


Hi All,
Had a wonderful Turkey Day !! Hope you all did too :)
Started off with baking numerous delicious pies--- so good!
and of course the Macy's parade :) Tradition for sure !
Enjoyed the 3 F's (Family, Food, and Football) very much !!!
all the cooking and baking and then shopping on top of it made for one CRAZY WEEKEND---
so much happened in my few days away from BloggaLand !!!!

But, speaking of Thanksgiving Cooking we had fried turkey this year--
I was quite sceptacal at first spiting witty comments in my initial disgust about just eating at McDonalds-- America is fat enough and then we take a tradition of home cooked turkey through it out the window and FRY POOR OLD TOM ! UGH
I'm saddened to say I've been dragged to the dark side, because the fried turkey was AMAZING !
Literally melted in your mouth-- as with all my other family recipes I can't let you have this one either :( But if you can get enough info from this---give it a try for Christmas :)
the turkey was injected with a creole butter seasoning (which combined is like a cajun but not to spicy buttery flavor of deliciousness)
and then Tom was rubbed down heavily with a garlic and herb spread-- also fantastic :)
Well let me tell you after all these fabulous flavors were put together and then fried-- I just have to tell you-- one of the best turkeys I have EVER tasted :)

Happy Monday to all -- Don't forget about Cyber Monday -- so kick back with some left-overs in your easy chair and shop shop away :)
Get Shopping <3

MissSweetTreats <3


Preppy 101 said...

Sounds so yummy!!!