Thursday, November 13, 2008

Add a Cranberry Granny.....

Sooo Thanksgiving is so super close and I love that, because I pretty much LOVE food :)
and as I've told you millions of times before I'm a sucker for tradition-- 
so anyway on the topic of food and tradition- that is pretty much the definition of 
Thanksgiving is it not? 
Well add in a few Indians and Pilgrims and then we've got the definition :)

So Thanksgving !
My favorite  thing about thanksgiving is my Granny's homemade cranberry sauce 
(she absolutely HATES when I call her Granny)- every time I do I swear I get the chill of the devil from her evil glare-haha....the irony: My grandma isn't old in the slightest shes the grandma that still bakes everyday of her life- gardens, runs, has parties, plays cards, cherishes beautiful jewelry (that I get when she gets new things-YAY) and wears the sweetest Track Suits Ever ! :) BA haha- God I love her :)
Thats the reason why its a bit Ironic that I call her Granny

So now that you've met Granny-- her cranberry sauce- I wish I could give you the recipe soo you could try this stuff--its phenomonal-- like really its the best-- sweet, tart, bitter, chunky and just about the best thing I can ever have---However she refuses to leak the secret of her recipe so I guess you'll just have to imagine :) 

But because I can't give you THE recipe-- I found some really amazing recipes for cranberries that you should definitely try.....

These I have actually made before and if you like cranberries and chocolate these are AMAZING!-- I like to make them with dark chocolate and no nuts though- thats my twist :)

These too I have made- and I LOVE them- but I also am in love with just about ANYTHING pumpkin

This just sounded good- but I would add chocolate chips (YUM)

Happy Almost Thanksgiving
Happy Baking


Jaime said...

Those all look great! Cute blog. I wish I knew the "secret" recipe because I Love cranberry sauce.